Friday, April 20, 2012 ,

I know its been long since i'm here, i wondered why i would been here again.
Maybe i've lots of things to say but didn't know who i could turn to...
And we're going about a year together, i ever wondered if it was a good or bad thing.
It's my luck to have you by my side, i really love you deep down.
Meanwhile, i feel like giving up somehow not because i don't love you anymore..
But because my family starts to become your burdens too.
Can anyone tell me is this fair enough? It totally isn't fair to you.
I wish that i can be you, and you can be me sometimes.
Instead of you bearing all those shit.
This is way too tiring for you, i wish that i could atleast help you out something.
But nothing seems helping, somehow i even felt myself being so useless and stupid to you.
Because i could not even do any single fucking thing to help you each time,
all i could do is to keep silent always and always without fail.
But do you ever realise sometimes the thing and word you said to me,
makes my heart really broken deeply enough than anything else.
Not because i didn't know anything and i didn't help out.
But it's because i didn't know where can i start helping you.
All i know how to do is irritated you without fail, i'm such a stupid girl, am i? :'(
But looking onto the bright side, you're always there for me.
Protecting me alot, without letting others to bully me.
You make my day whenever i'm feeling down.
You'll always bring me to somewhere fun.
You always tried your best to surprise me each time.
Thinking about it now, i miss every single little thing about you.
Thankyou so much, baby!
I won't give up onto our relationship so easily, a guy like you is impossible to find.
Hopefully i won't disappoint you on our up coming anniversary, which is 6/29!
I hope that you'll be happy seeing the present, that i'm giving you on that day itself.
All i know is, i'm a girl who doesn't knows how to surprise.
But all i know is i want to make you happy, seeing you happy is all i ever wanted.
Lets hope on 6/29 both of us will be surprise by each other! :D

♥ wishes ;
Friday, April 20, 2012

Thursday, August 11, 2011 ,

There are times, there might be good and bad things happen onto your life.
Look ahead onto the bright side, ming tian jiu hui gen hao.

♥ wishes ;
Thursday, August 11, 2011

Describes me

♥I'mmmmm JolynKWLツ
My one and only baby, DerekCQQ!♥ :D
And lastly, i'm in love with THAI SONG! :D
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